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Companies we work with

Concept Stage

Matt Higgins
Startup guy with an idea
Matt has an idea for a cool new product but needs pre-seed funding to get started. He needs funding to build his product, and help with securing his first customers. He wants an angel investor to get started. Matt is looking for $250,000 to launch his idea.
Jennifer Wilson
Funding for idea
Jen has experience in her chosen field and needs capital to start her new business. She doesn't have a product yet and her business is at idea stage. She needs a strategic investor who can help with both advice and funding. Jen needs $400,000 to launch her business.

Pre Revenue Stage

Sandra Anderson
Seed Funding
Sandra launched her business over a year ago and has a small group of trial customers. She is yet to generate her first dollar but is gaining some traction with social media marketing. She wants to scale her product offering and start generating revenue. Sandra is looking for $1M in seed funding.
Robert Chambers
Funding for Invention
Robert has developed a unique product and is looking to file patents in Australia and in the US. He has spent considerable time and effort at research and development stage and is ready to start commercialising his innovation. He needs $2.5M to launch his business.

Early Revenue Stage

Mark Jackson
Expand Sales & Marketing
Mark launch his business over 2 years ago and received some funding from friends and family. He used the money to build the first version of his product and secured a small group of customers in his local area. He now needs funding to expand into new markets, hire more sales staff and expand distribution channels. He is seeking $1.5M
Emily Powell
Expand Fashion Store
Emily runs an online fashion store and has a unique offering. She has been selling her merchandise in Australia and US and most recently in the UK. Sales are modest but she is showing good signs of traction. She needs $2M in funding to help further established her brand and boost sales.

Growth Stage

Anthony Walker
Acquisition Funding
Anthony has 30 staff and operating for 7 years. He has reached a glass ceiling where his revenue and profits have stalled. He doesn't have enough capital to invest in new products or expand distribution and sales. He is seeking $10M in funding to pay for acquisitions and working capital.
Robert Chambers
Pre-IPO Funding
Robert has been operating for 7 years and has a robust business with 80 staff. Some of his earlier investors want to sell their shares and Robert wants to become a public company and list on the ASX. He needs funding of $7M to make an acquisition and pay for ASX listing.

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