How It Works

We Make It Easy To Raise Capital

1. Create a Pitch Deck or Business Plan

A pitch deck is a presentation used to provide potential investors with an overview of your business, product, market, traction, and financials.

If you don’t have a pitch deck you can download our free template.

2. Apply For Funding

Click here to apply for funding. It takes around 10 minutes to answer all of our key questions and upload your Pitch Deck to our portal.

3. Investment Review

Our investment committee will consider your business opportunity including your value proposition, the problem you are solving, your competitive advantages, your team, potential market size, competition, and traction among other factors.

We respond to you within 7 days from receiving your application for funding.

4. Close Funding Round

We identify investors in our network that are best suited to investing in your Company. Our job is to match you to the right investor based on your size, stage, industry and funding needs.

We also offer to invest our funds in your business on the same terms as other investors. This provides confidence to other investors that we back the founders and the Company and believe in the opportunity.

We will work with you to close the funding round, complete the final legal documentation and to transfer funds to your bank account.

Save time searching for investors. Let us match you to the right investor.